Why should you invest in private sessions?

Private Sessions are where healing breakthroughs happen.

Each session is designed to meet your unique abilities, personality and goals. You will improve your strength, get a better understanding of your body and the range of movement and improve your effort levels faster because each class is designed for your specific needs.

If you’re injured or experiencing pain on the day of your session, your teacher will work in conversation with you in order to reduce your pain immediately, and with the long-term goal of living in a body that is pain-free or mostly pain-free.

If you are working with physical pain or emotional stress and you need to feel powerful and pain free, private yoga is an excellent way to make progress and heal.

If you’re new to yoga, you’ll learn the fundamentals at your own pace in a warm, friendly, judgment-free environment.

You can take some 1-on-1 sessions and then move on to group classes or you can stick with the supportive and learning environment of 1-on-1 attention.

The private sessions can be – Forrest Yoga, Kundalini Yoga και Poppy Yoga.

5 sessions – 220€

5 sessions – 220€

The Sessions:

They are 75-minute one-on-one sessions, designed for people returning to their in-person yoga practice after social distancing or those ready to start a yoga practice for the first time. Your teacher will guide you through an exploration of breath, movement, and tension-release practices to help you down-regulate your nervous system & ease pain.

You will get:

  • Modifications for basic yoga poses (like Downward Facing Dog or Warrior poses) specific to your body’s injuries or trickiness, so you can practice yoga safely and comfortably.
  • We will teach you 2-3 breathing techniques you can use anytime to reduce stress and feel calmer and more grounded.
  • Focus and exploration on tension patterns and tight spots you have in order to train them differently.
  • Customized recommendations for a weekly yoga practice that suits your budget, time constraints and health goals.