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Poppy Perinatal Yoga Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Poppy Perinatal Yoga is a method that focuses on yoga for pregnancy, on the perinatal and postnatal period of life. Prenatal yoga is created by Catherine Allen and is built on a set of principles that can be woven to any style of yoga and any activity. The goal is to help pregnant people prepare emotionally and physically for birth and postpartum people adjust to their transformation with more ease and support. The principles of the Poppy Perinatal approach can foster more physical and emotional ease in pregnancy, labor and postpartum recovery.

Breathe, Align, Support and Soften are the four principles we explore and develop in the Poppy Approach.

Poppy Yoga


Expand the entire rib cage thoroughly. Since many of us have chronically tight and constricted ribs, Poppy Yoga – prenatal yoga teaches specific exercises to tone and elasticize the ribs. Optimal breathing is practiced throughout the classes in Poppy Yoga. It builds a suppleness in the rib muscles so that ribs can expand enough to make more room for internal organs and baby during pregnancy. It can also help prevent excess pressure from pushing down onto the pelvic floor. Excess pressure often leads to back pain and pelvic pain. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system.


Practice optimal alignment that is appropriate for each individual. We look at the relationship between feet, hips, and ribs and help each pregnant or postpartum person feel for the alignment that provides the framework to help soft tissues release excess tension and strengthen where there is excess slack. It is the framework for better internal balance and adaptability throughout the physical changes of pregnancy and postpartum.


The feet, legs, and core are our pillars of support. We emphasize feeling and connection in the feet, legs, and core in the poses. This is not to be confused with trying to get rock hard and sculpted 6-pack abs. Well-integrated legs and core steady we can move better through the spectacular physical, emotional, and spiritual changes that occur during pregnancy, labor, and post-birth.


Labor, post-birth, postnatal phase and parenthood are challenging and intense. The more we harden against it, the more we stagnate. Practice softening so that you can respond to challenges with more intelligence and resourcefulness. The poppy approach advocates for softening during up-regulating and down-regulating practices. We combine a softening breath within the intensity of up-regulating poses, like Warrior 2 and during down-regulation poses, meditation exercises and relaxation poses we teach you how to dissolve tension. These practices increase pelvic space for the baby to rotate and descend through. Soft tissue suppleness is an essential factor for cultivating the necessary core resiliency that supports postpartum core restoration.

The integration of these 4 principles can help optimize internal conditions for better fetal positioning, reduce stress, improve digestion, increase comfort in pregnancy and provide more ease in labor and postpartum recovery. These four qualities build a deeper bond between parent and baby. Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga can be a precious tool to support pregnancy and the postpartum period of life.

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