Brief Descriptions of Courses

Forrest Yoga®

This is a class for all levels, all ages, pregnant and postpartum people. We give variations for all injuries whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. Forrest Yoga is the evolution of Hatha Yoga and addresses the needs of the western people. This class offers a relief from daily pains in the low back, hips, neck and shoulders. It addresses the need for spirituality and connection to spirit and helps you connect with your authentic self. You will learn how to spread the breath in a healing, sparkling way and you will feel coming back to your home.

Forrest Yoga® Inspired Stretching

We aim at directing the breath in the cells so that new energy and new space are created inside through an active stretching. We build flexible strength in this class. The main breath technique we use is alternate nostril breathing so that we balance the two sides of the brain. Most part of the class is done on the floor, focusing on side bends and hip openers. The sensation of the growing space inside will be felt throughout the class. We work dolphin pose with different variations in order to strengthen and heal the shoulders and elongate the spine. The class ends with an invigorating standing pose series that will empower our legs for the rest of the day! All levels are welcome.

Forrest® Practice

This is sweaty Forrest Yoga practice with minimal cuing, no assists and smooth music. I only call out the names of the poses and give you few cues and tips about the poses. This class structure assumes you know the basic Forrest Yoga poses and that you want to sweat and flow. It includes inversions and arm balances. Variations are offered. This practice will boost your freedom, your strength, your creativity and proudness as a student, building a sense of enoughness and connection to the self.

Forrest Yoga® Intensive

This 2 hour class will take you on a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your very being. Forrest Yoga is an intense and healing practice and it is one of the most vigorous and demanding yoga workouts around. Through a carefully constructed and rigorous series of yoga asanas, Forrest Yoga will open you up to the amazing quality of feeling that lives inside each of us and will connect you to your most authentic self. An ideal weekly class, especially if you don’t have time to practice weekly more than once. All levels are welcome.

Forrest Yoga® Basics

This class is about the foundations and the principles of Forrest Yoga. Detailed instruction on alignment and demonstration will be provided. The class is built on a slow pace and explores the Forrest Yoga Basic Moves. Forrest Yoga is intense, builds flexibility, intelligence and strength while helping the student to deepen their relationship with their authentic self. More advanced students will benefit from this class to deepen and up-level their practice.

Stress Relief Yoga

This class is designed to rejuvenate the body and clear the mind of the daily repetitive thoughts and constant information. It will bring you back to your center, activating the core and bringing energy down into the pelvis and legs. This class focuses on breathing techniques – Pranayama, side bends to release the ribs and diaphragm and inversions to clear the foggy mind.

Slow Vinyasa

This practice is focused on feeling release and freedom through a gentle flow. The key for this practice is the connection between movement and breath. The practice progresses in slow motion and this enables the student to experience stillness within movement while pauses alternate with flow. This way the body is cleansed, strengthened and enlivened, the mind focused and vitality is increased. Emphasis is placed in proper alignment, stabilization of the deeper core muscles, joint mobilization, muscle opening and strengthening, deep conscious breathing, awareness of movement and how we position ourselves on our mat. Suitable for all levels.

Core Strength

This class is a blend of my favourite core exercises by Cat Allen’s postpartum exercises and Heidi Sormaz’s Fresh flow on releasing stagnant energy from ribs, diaphragm and upper back. It involves a Forrest Yoga flowing sequence and pike moves. You will feel space in the scull bones and brain because we free up the core. You will release stagnant energy from belly and the digestive system will function better! It is suitable for everyone, beginners and advanced, and for postpartum people.


This class is dedicated to handstands and learning techniques to strengthen and open your core in order to balance in inversions. You will learn which areas need to be activated, open and strengthened. We work on the wall and away from the wall in pairs. Modifications are given for all levels.

Poppy Yoga All levels

Poppy Perinatal Yoga is based on the principles, breathe, align, support and soften to foster more physical and emotional ease in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery, no matter what birth plan or outcome. This class is appropriate for both prenatal and postnatal students. All levels are welcome.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic yoga system which can be accessible to all levels and people. It combines movement with breath through the constant change of poses activating all group muscles. The body is warmed up with variations in downward facing dog, with abdominals and Sun Salutations . The sequence is built up depending on our intent (backbends, twist, hips etc.) in order to reach the apex and more challenging pose. Variations are given for all levels. All students and levels can benefit from this practice.

Vinyasa Yoga and Wall

This class combines the practice of Vinyasa Yoga together with the endless possibilities the wall has. Wall is our basic tool in this class. All classical poses are approached through the wall and strength and flexibility are increased tremendously. We use the wall in all poses, even in abdominals. Our aim is to success in inversions and arm balances. Wall helps us strengthen both the upper body with supportive backbending and the lower body with splits and hamstring supported work. This class is fun and challenging!