Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program

Athens, Greece – June 21 – 29 2024

This 8-Day Forrest Yoga CET is focused on assisting you to connect with your confidence, talent and compassion for self and others as a teacher and a person.

The training will be led by Forrest Yoga Guardians Heidi Sormaz and Victoria Kourkaki..

It is an essential component for becoming a Level 3 & Level 4 Forrest Yoga Teacher after completing the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training. 

This training is also open to every yoga teacher who desires to sharpen their teaching skills and feel a deep personal transformation.

It is open to teachers from ALL yoga backgrounds.

    Victoria & Heidi

    Victoria and Heidi will help you grow your presence and energy as a teacher and a leader, how to feel your own worthiness and enoughness and how to build confidence through teaching, voice and the words you speak.

    Heidi Sormaz is one of the Senior Guardians who co-created this program back in 2007. Her wisdom and experience are invaluable. She travels from the USA to Athens to co-teach this program with Victoria.

    Both Heidi and Victoria will share their unique skills, experience and wisdom developed over the years teaching and practicing Forrest Yoga. They will full-heartedly support you in building a strong foundation for your own healing path. Expect to feel a safe space under their guidance for your learning and personal growth throughout the entire program!

    During the program, you will: 

    – Deepen physical practice through Morning Practices. You will become skillful in feeling the sense of self-awareness and body-mind connection. 

    – Learn to apply the Forrest Yoga “Breath Formula” to benefit when speaking and teaching during group classes.   

    – Learn Forrest Yoga “Class Sequencing” in order to skilfully prevent injuries and pain. The trainees will work together and co-create Forrest Yoga sequences. You will learn the brilliant Forrest yoga sequencing way that can take you into apex poses smoothly!

    – Develop in-depth knowledge & skills while learning Forrest Yoga “Hands-on Assist” techniques. Develop a healing touch, while you dive into co-creating healing energy with the student within the poses.

    -Learn how to teach with passion, focus, authenticity and clarity.

    – Learn how to guide others to be responsible for their own healing both emotionally and physically in yoga practice as well as in life.  

    – Learn the preliminary level of Ceremonial skills on how to conduct a Ceremony in order to hold a safe and sacred space for self and others for personal development and growth. 

    The Mentorship includes:

    • An 8 day in person training
    • 4 bridge calls spread throughout the year
    • 1 private call for each mentee with personal guidance from us

    Daily Schedule & Dates:

    June 21-24 > 8:30-17:30

    June 25 > Break

    June 26-29 > 8:30-17:30

    – Forrest Yoga Intensive 8:30-11:30 am

    – Afternoon Session 13:30-17:30 pm

    Booking & Price:

    To reserve your spot, 300€ deposit is needed. 

    Early Bird Price until 31/3 > 1700€

    Regular Price > 2000€

    *Payment Plans available!

    Email for booking and payment.